Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

Manufacturer Part Number: 53016

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Designed with enhanced adjustability, this double electric breastpump is the ultimate choice for women who want comfort, flexibility, and the convenience of a combined single electric pump and double electric pump. A hygienic closed system design keeps breastmilk from backing up into the motor or tubing to help prevent mold and bacteria.

Lansinoh's breast pumping system provides time-saving pumping efficiency without causing pain or discomfort. Three customizable pumping style and eight different suction levels allow selection of the perfect settings for comfort and maximum milk production. It's perfect for busy moms. Moms can also pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh pump to save precious breastmilk and time.

Lansinoh Signature Pro is a high quality pumping solution from the name you trust in breastfeeding.

Features and Benefits

  • Closed System: A hygienic closed system guarantees that breastmilk will not back up in the tubing or motor of the pump, helping to prevent mold & bacteria, ensuring the protection and reducing pump cleaning time.
  • LCD Back-Lit Display: This lightweight pump also has a digital LCD back-lit display that's ideal for night time pumping. Monitor pumping sessions with the digital clock and track phase settings, suction levels, and battery power. Easy to read and suitable for low light conditions.
  • Quick & Clean Assemble: Lansinoh breastpumps have fewer parts for easy assembling and cleaning. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are 100% BPA and BPS free.
  • 2-Phase Technology: 'Stimulation' phase enables rapid pumping rhythm to stimulate and initiate milk flow; 'Expression' phase enables slower, pumping rhythm to maximize milk flow.
  • 8 Adjustable Suction Levels: Adjustable suction levels for comfort with easy to use '+' and '-' control buttons. Customizable settings allow moms to match their babies' natural feeding patterns.
  • 3 Pumping Styles: Lansinoh breastpumps offer three customizable pumping styles that help maximize milk production.

What's Included

  • 1 - Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump base unit
  • 2 - 5oz Bottles
  • 2 - Breast Flange Bodies
  • 2 - Storage Caps
  • 2 - Feeding Collars
  • 2 - Standard ComfortFit flanges (25mm)
  • 2 - extra valves
  • 3 - Connection tubes and tubing connectors
  • 1 - AC adapter
  • 1 - Pump manual with everything you need to know to get started


  • Warranty: 1 year on pump motor, 90 days on parts & accessories
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 4"