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TRICARE Coverage for Monthly Resupply

Breast Pump Parts and Breastfeeding Supplies Delivered Each Month

Most military moms are eligible for breast pump supplies through TRICARE. With 1 Natural Way’s Resupply Program, these products are shipped right to your door every month for as long as you are breastfeeding (up to 36 months).

Supplies include collection bottles, milk storage bags, tubing, breast shields, and possibly more depending on the brand and model of your breast pump. And we take care of everything for you! Every 30 days, we reach out to you to determine your supply needs, verify your insurance coverage, and ship your pump parts and storage supplies.

Let 1 Natural Way’s Resupply Program make your breastfeeding journey even more enjoyable - because you can focus on your little one and not on running out for supplies.

Enroll in Resupply and Get Breast Pump Accessories Every Month.

Fill out our qualification form and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible!

Qualify Through Insurance

Resupply Program Supplies Include:

  • Collection and storage bottles
  • Milk storage bags
  • Tubing
  • Breast shields

Additional breast pump replacement parts (i.e. valves or membranes) may be included depending on the brand and model of your breast pump.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Monthly Resupply Program

How does the program work? What do I have to do?

The best thing about our Resupply Program? We do almost all of the work for you!

The TRICARE Resupply Program starts on your expected due date (per your insurance policy - if you deliver early, please let us know). Each month, you will receive an email about 10 days prior to your next shipment date. This email will ask you to:

  1. Select the items you need, including breast shield size. You have the option to skip a month if you have enough supplies.
  2. Verify your shipping address
  3. Confirm that you are still breastfeeding

After you've made your selections, your supplies ship directly to you on your next scheduled shipment date. Tracking information will follow. Your insurance coverage will be verified before every shipment to ensure that you are still eligible for the supplies through TRICARE.

TRICARE covers all the supplies offered through this program. You may cancel this program at any time.

Does TRICARE require a prescription for supplies?

Yes. Your TRICARE-covered supplies require a prescription. We will work with your doctor’s office to obtain this on your behalf if necessary.

When do I receive my initial shipment of supplies?

The TRICARE Resupply Program starts on your expected due date (per insurance guidelines). As described in the "How does the program work" question above, you will receive an email before every shipment (including the first).

If you deliver early, just reach out to our customer service team at (888) 977-2229 so that we can update your records and ship your breast pump and breastfeeding supplies.

You may cancel this program at any time by simply letting us know you no longer need this service.