BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump


by BabyBuddha

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Product Description

Navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood can be overwhelming for new moms. Choosing the right breast pump doesn’t need to be. BabyBuddha is here to support you every step of the way!

The BabyBuddha breast pump is a versatile powerhouse that grows with you as your needs change throughout your pumping journey. The hands-free breast pump is small but mighty. It’s been designed with longevity in mind. The BabyBuddha pump provides the ultimate flexibility whether at home or on the go.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-Compact and Hands-Free: Designed to hang from a neck lanyard to free your hands and give you freedom to move.
  • Strength: Hospital-strength suction up to 320 mmHg
  • Quiet: Impressively quiet motor makes for discreet and silent pumping.
  • Battery Power: USB-charged, built-in battery lasts up to an hour on one charge.
  • Technology: Trackball navigation makes operation easy. Even for a tired mom!
  • Settings: Unique suction pattern in stimulation mode mimics the real-life suckling of a baby to promote milk production. Offers 14 comfort settings in total - 5 stimulation and 9 expression.
  • Display: LCD display shows mode, power, time and more.
  • Closed System: Crafted for safety, pump ensures that breast milk is never contaminated by flowing backward and is not exposed to toxins.
  • Extra Perks: A team of BabyBuddha lactation consultants are available to help and just a message away.

Product Specifications

Brand BabyBuddha
Manufacturer Part Number S001
Breast Pump Type Double Electric Breast Pump
Pumping Options Single or Double Pumping
Vacuum (max mmHg) 320 mmHg
System Type Closed System/ Backflow Protection
Power Source AC adaptor
BPA Free Yes
Warranty 2 year limited warranty
Categories Portable Breast Pump; Cordless/Wireless Breast Pump
User Manual Download Here


  • 1 - BabyBuddha Pump Motor
  • 2 - 24 mm Flanges
  • 4 - Duckbill Valves
  • 2 - Silicon Diaphragms
  • 2 - Bottle
  • 2 - Bottle Storage Cap
  • 2 - Bottle Hygiene Cover
  • 2 - Bottle Base
  • 1 - T-Connector Tubing Kit
  • 1 - Carrying Tote
  • 1 - USB Charging Cable (charge to full in 4 hours)
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