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TRICARE Coverage for Postpartum Recovery Garments

Postpartum Care for Greater Comfort and Faster Healing

Modern moms don’t have the luxury of resting and focusing on healing after giving birth. The demands of life - and a new baby - are too great! Add to that active duty, PCS-ing or a deployed spouse, and you’re probably wondering if those parts will ever recover.

Thank goodness postpartum recovery garments are designed to speed up healing and increase comfort (think mobility!) after giving birth. Great for both natural births or C-Sections, they work by applying gentle compression to reduce swelling and support the abdomen, back and thighs.

Postpartum Garment
Postpartum Garment Side View

Learn about Your TRICARE Coverage for Postpartum Recovery Garments

Provide us with some basic information in our short form and we’ll let you know what your TRICARE insurance plan covers!

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Benefits of wearing a postpartum recovery garment after delivery:

  • Shortens overall recovery time.
  • Offers increased mobility by reducing pain and discomfort often associated with diastasis rectus, a weakened pelvic floor and other changes to the body resulting from pregnancy or a C-Section.
  • Promotes incision site healing, helps with pain management and minimizes the chance of infections.
  • Supports the lower back and abdomen.
  • Decreases swelling/edema and can help to reduce bruising.
  • Tightens and tones belly, hips, waist, pelvis, and lower back - aiding in healing while creating a seamless silhouette.


  • Side zipper makes the garment easy and comfortable to put on, whether you give birth naturally or have a C-Section.
  • Crotch has a split design, so trips to the restroom are convenient.
  • FDA-listed.
  • Lightweight, breathable Micro Net fabric is 76% nylon and 24% spandex, so it fits closely but comfortably.
  • Silicone leg grippers prevent the garment from riding up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Postpartum Recovery Garments

Is a postpartum recovery garment the same as a postpartum girdle or postpartum belly band?

Yes and no. The health benefits offered by all of these products can be very similar (e.g. shorter recovery time, reduced swelling, better mobility), although “belly band” is often used to describe an accessory that is cosmetic in nature (reduces how much the tummy shows) and not medical.

The design of most postpartum recovery garments is different than both a postpartum girdle and belly band. A postpartum garment typically has shoulder straps and legs (or leg holes) and supports your entire midsection, rather than just wrapping around your stomach/lower back.

The benefit of a garment is that it tends to move with you a bit better and often gives you cleaner lines under your clothing than a postpartum girdle or band.

When do I wear a postpartum recovery support garment?

As a rule of thumb, postpartum recovery garments should be worn (even during sleep) within the first week following delivery up to approximately four weeks. Your physician can assess your specific post-delivery needs and progress and advise what is best for you.

Should a postpartum compression garment like this be tight?

The postpartum recovery garment offered by 1 Natural Way is a medical-grade compression product. Therefore, it should be snug- or close-fitting without being uncomfortable. You should feel support, but not pain.

Keep in mind that it is a medical compression garment and not “shapewear” - although it will likely improve the fit of your clothing.

That said, it should NOT cause pain in your chest or pelvis, painful restriction or cause your abdomen to hurt. Remember - a postpartum recovery garment is supposed to make you feel better!

How do I decide on the right size postpartum garment for me?

Some lucky moms are eligible for two postpartum recovery garments through insurance. If you have this benefit and are unsure which size will fit you best, you may want to order two different sizes.

If you can only receive one garment, we suggest ordering in accordance with the size chart below. Remember, we are always available to answer any questions you might have to help you make the best sizing decision for you. Reach us at 888-977-2229 .

Use your hip measurement after 36 weeks or your pre-pregnancy pant size before delivery. If you have gained more than 35lbs during pregnancy, please add one size for proper fit.

Size Chart
Waist Hips Pre-Pregnancy
Pant Size
Extra Small 24-26 34-36 00-2
Small 27-29 37-39 4-6
Medium 30-32 40-42 8-10
Large 33-36 43-45 12-14
X-Large 37-39 46-49 16-18
2X-Large 40-44 50-54 20-22

Can this postpartum recovery garment be used with my nursing bra?

Yes! Since this garment covers your abdomen but not your chest, you are free to choose any bra to wear with it.

Does TRICARE require a prescription for me to receive a postpartum recovery garment?

Yes. TRICARE requires a prescription from your TRICARE-authorized healthcare provider. It’s required to verify that your postpartum recovery garment is medically necessary.